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Blowout prices on Rental Gear

September 05, 2012


Used Equipment for Sale

Road Cases…Road Cases….and more Road Cases….

We still have some quality used road cases for sale. There are several with racks rails and shock mount with casters for sale. We also have one for a Mackie 24 channel mixer as well. If you have been looking for a good deal on road cases, we got it. There are none over $150. Most of these cases cost in excess of $500 new. They are in great shape and have a lot of life left to protect your equipment.

LED Lights

 16 Elation RGB Opti Par LED lights for sale. $2500 for all.

 • LED Par Can
 • High output L.E.D. Color Changer
 • Powerful 1 Watt LEDs
 • Total of 24 LEDs (8 red, 8 green, 8 blue)
 • Full RGB color mixing
 • 7 DMX channels
 • 25° standard beam angle
 • On-board DMX (addressable via 10 dip switches)
 • Full dimming capacity
 • Built-in sound active programs
 • Sturdy, high-impact aluminum construction
 • Heavy duty rigging yoke
 • Very low power consumption
 • Very low heat output
 • Long-life LEDs (50,000 hr. life)

Audio Products

Soundcraft GB4 24 Channel console….mint condition with road case and spare external power supply only….$1700 This model currently sells for $1995 without the case and additional power supply!

This board has very low hours and is in excellent condition. This is a real bargain if you are looking for a new audio console. Nothing digital about this baby, just straight up solid reliable faders and EQ that most anyone with a little audio experience can use. This is a tried and true workhorse of the audio industry.

The GB4 is packed with professional features including seven true busses - four Groups, the L-R mix and a C (mono) bus - with eight Aux sends bringing the total bus count to fifteen. GB4 has four mute groups, providing quick and easy muting of groups of channels, ideal for scene changes or where groups of instruments need to be silenced. And the GB4's 7x4 matrix is essential when different zones in a venue require specifically tailored mixes, enabling the operator to create sub-mixes of the Group, L-R mix and C (mono) busses.

When it comes to recording a performance, the GB4 is similarly well equipped with pre-/post-fader switchable direct outputs on every channel and a high-quality limiter on dedicated record outputs fed from the L-R mix bus.

And if your're just looking for a couple of boat anchors, I'm sure we could find a couple of things buried in the warehouse.

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