LED Video Walls

The new meeting and events standard

SCAV offers industry standard, large-screen LED video walls for high impact presentations, especially in challenging daylight environments. LED displays are perfect for conference events, broadcast presentations, trade show displays, signage, entertainment and sporting events.
An LED wall can be easily arranged into many sizes, ratios, and multiple independent panels. This means the wall can be quickly set up to your specs and desired effect. The color and details are brilliant and amazing. This brings a whole new level of visual communication to our clients meetings.


Create Your Own Environment

9 x 64 foot full video wall with curve

LED Video Walls
LED Video Walls
LED Video Walls
Promotional Panels
Conference Hall Staging
Large Screen LED Format

Flexible Screen Configurations

Communicate, Motivate and Entertain

LED video displays are modularly designed so that they can be easily maintained. They can be configured into customized sizes and width/height ratios with the combination of modules.

The modular design also makes LED video displays easy to setup and dismantle, which is perfect for staging applications.

Flexible Screen Configurations

Screen Specs

Absen LED Video Wall

  • Pixel Pitch - 2.6mm
  • 200 panels in stock with fly hardware
  • Capability of 4 - 16 x 9 screens or 2 - 22 x 19 screens or up to a curved 9 v 64 foot wall.
  • Panel matrix - 192 x 216
  • Brightness (nits) - 1200
  • True HD resolution of 1920 x 1080.
  • The color and details are amazing. This brings a whole new level of visual communication to our clients meetings.
  • Stability - Connectors for power cables ensure stability.

LED Video Wall

LED Video Wall

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LED Video Wall
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